RangersFCNews.com Launches Dedicated Rangers Blog To Cover The Club Through These Exciting Times

RangersFCNews.com Launches Dedicated Rangers Blog To Cover The Club Through These Exciting Times

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RangersFCNews.com was launched back in April of 2007 as part of the key expansion of the ScoopDragon Football News Network (or as it was known then Affinity Media).

Rangers have always been one of the biggest clubs in Europe – forget the United KingDom. Rangers have a long and storied history where they won numerous Scottish doubles and trebles as well as getting so close to claiming major European honours only to lose finals in heart breaking fashion.

The club has always attracted the stars with the likes of the ridiculously talented Brian Laudrup, Paul Gasgoine, Giovanni Christiaan van Bronckhorst, Mark Hately, to name but a few who went to play for the Ibrox side delivering trophies and the good times. However due to financial miss management resulted in humbling financial woes which the club typically took on the chin but saw them relegated to the foot of the Scottish League system. Thankfully Rangers are now back in the SPL where they belonged all along but the club took the high road and accepted the conditions of being able to play in the Scottish Leagues and paid their dues.

Remember how bad the severe tribulations and financial hardships of the past 10 years were (I know its a big ask) but just look at the club today. Steven Gerrard may not be every fans cup of tea so far but you cannot fault his passion for the game and getting the best out of his players through a mix of man management and also being direct and forthright. Gerrard has seen football at every level with masses of expectation on him time after time.

Gerrard had to accept the pressure from a very early age that he was the man to lead Liverpool to a title and end their streak of title-less seasons. Then to think he miss-controlled the ball allowing Crystal Palace to come back from 3-0 down and essentially cost Liverpool the title when the end of the streak was right there it must have been heart-breaking but he took it on the chin and moved on having learned from it.

Kyle Lafferty and Steven Gerrard On The Touclhine

Steven Gerrard enjoyed the highs of the game at least at club level. He so famously won the Champions League “Miracle in Istanbul” starting the comeback from 3-0 down vs AC Milan which ended in a mid-blowing now legendary Liverpool win on penalties.

Gerrard also won some FA Cups as well as a treble of Cups which included the League Cup, the FA Cup and the UEFA Cup – today’s Europa League. Gerrard internationally never really did what so many thought him capable of like so many of his generation such as Lampard, Beckham and Rooney to name a few.

The point is Gerrard has experience at the top levels of World and Club football, he’s captained sides at every level and he has been coaching the Liverpool U18 and youth teams since he ended his short but successful stint at LA Galaxy The site will aim to cover Rangers from a 360 degree perspective, reporting the thoughts of the manager and the reaction to it on all channels including both traditional and social media as well offering insightful analysis both prior to games with match previews but also with match reports where we will tend to look for solutions rather than simply outlining shortcomings during the games.

Of course we will offer extensive transfer news coverage only covering legitimate deals that genuinely have a chance of being completed while filtering out the ridiculous rumours which could never happen in a month of Sundays. When it comes to injuries and suspensions we got you covered and judging by the disappointing disciplinary record under the current manager we can only hope it improves.

Alfredo Morelos has been sent off 5 times already and was lucky to have one rescinded but we must make allowances for him – he is still only 22 years old and if next season we are seeing the same consistent, petulant reactions which are costing his team points through being down to ten men then perhaps it is time to look at whether Alfredo needs a spell on loan to mature a little. However the 31 goals in 61 games means inevitably you are going to do everything in your power to get the player able to manage to control himself and refrain from being goaded into to immature responses which he can see for what they are and he can choose to ignore such antagonists which will frustrate opponents far more by scoring against them which he clearly is so good at.

We are looking forward to providing you punchy, to the point news stories mixed with some social media reaction and fan poll reactions and results so you can gauge what the public and likely fellow fans are thinking to provide you with current, interestingly different, immersive takes on all things Rangers.

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