Rangers Set To Miss Out On £50M As It’s Revealed Who Will Likely Take Part In FIFA’s Expanded Club World Cup

Rangers are not expected to take part when FIFA’s Club World Cup is expanded in 2025, according to The Scottish Sun.

The tabloid claims that the Gers could miss out on £50m worth of prize money, citing claims from Italy that FIFA have changed the rules in how clubs qualify for the tournament.

In addition to the last four Champions League winners, it was originally believed that the eight other qualifying European clubs would be selected on their four-year UEFA co-efficient ranking, with the limit of one club per nation.

Rangers would have been the 8th club eligible, with their exploits in getting to the 2022 Europa League final helping their co-efficient score.

However, it is now thought that FIFA will only consider selecting Champions League clubs for their competition.

Who would have qualified for the FIFA Club World Cup under the old rules?

The 2024 Champions League winners, Chelsea, Manchester City and Real Madrid were all set to qualify automatically.

The eight other European teams who would have been eligible were Rangers, Bayern Munich, Liverpool, Roma, Villarreal, Paris Saint-Germain, Benfica and Ajax. Club Brugge were also in line to take part instead if Rangers’ co-efficient dropped further between now and the cut-off point.

Who will qualify for the FIFA Club World Cup under the new rules?

With Champions League teams now only eligible, and the added condition of TWO clubs per nation now being allowed (outside of Champions League winners), the final 12 looks a lot different, with Rangers notably absent:

The 2024 Champions League winner, Manchester City, Real Madrid, Bayern, Chelsea, Inter Milan, Paris Saint-Germain, Leipzig, Porto, Atletico Madrid, Benfica, and Juventus.

It should be noted that FIFA have not officially confirmed the criteria for qualification yet, giving Gers some hope that they may still be involved in the tournament.

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